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Who we are?

My story!

How we began.....

The concept of Ramo Pro Cycling has been a dream of mine for many years. That dream was realised in August 2013 when we opened our doors for business. It began in 1988 when I was 10 years old; a man came to our school assembly and announced that anyone interested in cycling should bring their bike the next day after school. I went home thinking how can I go as I didn’t have a bike. I decided my older brothers would do, even though he used it for shopping I removed the basket and any other accessories I could to make it look cooler and I turned up the next day to the meeting. From this day my passion for cycling was ignited. I went to every meeting after that and within a few weeks I came 6th place in my first ever race. My drive and commitment were evident from the beginning and my coach saw that and pushed me to work hard. At the age of 13 I gained a place on the National team. During my time on the team I gained valuable knowledge about technique, training formats, group cycling and mechanics. Here is a photo of me in a national competition aged 15:

A few years later I moved abroad then went on to study at university in London. An injury to my knee that required surgery put me out of the sport. I concentrated on my studies then working and later settled down got married and stared a family. One day out of the blue my wife found me an old classic Raleigh road bike someone was throwing out. At this point I was a few years post op and still experiencing knee pain that prevented me from walking long distance. However after hearing all of my stories over the years she knew I wouldn’t pass up on it... and she was right! From the first day I rode out on that bike everything came rushing to me, the feeling of exhilaration and freedom I felt was immeasurable I was hooked again! I fixed the bike up replaced parts and was feeling great so I decided to challenge myself to ride around the Island to raise money for my family who back in my home country where suffering greatly at that time due to the war. Here is a photo of me with that classic Raleigh on the charity ride:

Over the next 12 months I worked on my fitness, I built up a club for cycling enthusiast is my area. We trained hard and we socialised more and more people were gaining interest in what I do and coming to me for various advice on training or mechanical issues with their bike. I felt now is the right time; this is what I am meant to do! After retaining myself on the bike I had all but eliminated the knee pain I had been suffering for so long and now was able to enjoy long walks and for the first time in my life I started running. In 2015 I entered my first half Iron man competition and found a new love in Triathlon. Here are some photos from that event:

In October 2016 I made my first school presentation about cycling. I plan to visit schools all over to educate and inspire the future generation of cyclists just like my coach did for me all those years ago.

JAMES NOWAK - Coach and Competing Triathlete

What I want out of coaching is to help and support people in their sporting endeavours, making their goals achievable with effort and helping them through challenges to go beyond what they ever thought possible of themselves.

My passion is in swimming, most days l still get in to the sea to re-invigorate whilst training my body ready for my next challenge. Coaching swimming and assisting people to get the best out of themselves in the water is a true pleasure, all this while they stay efficient and relaxed in the water - Stoke and Breathing techniques are the most important thing to grasp as quickly as possible. Water is a great healer and a lovely place to be training; it sure wakes you up - the early morning dip, especially in the crystal clear, warm Mediterranean Sea on sunny morning here in Cyprus.

Running - Through all the years of my training as a runner, l found that there are many ways to skin a cat, especially when it comes to the art of running, and trying to run fast. It’s really interesting to see all the different styles and different shapes and sizes of competitive runners. Just look at any race on television and you can see what l am talking about, even down to different types of running races ie X-country, Track running, Road races from 1 mile to marathon. The skill comes in coaching the runner to understand the running phase of Triathlon both in training and competing, making sure you have enough energy saved to run and finish fast. The run is the final element and the difference between winning and losing. The correct training sessions and skills are the key for each individual to get the best out of themselves, being able to walk before running is just so true.....