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Cycling in Cyprus
Daily Trips

Our core aim is to provide outstanding customer service and information to cyclist from a cyclist point of view.

Our pro group leader is a former national team cyclist and currently a master cyclist on Racing Team with a huge passion for cycling and love to share knowledge and experience with others to grow and succeed in the sport.

Our professional bicycle shop in Cyprus has a good range of stock and caters for all your cycling needs. We have an in house service and repair centre and offer professional bike wash.

We have a good selection of rental road bikes sizes from S to XL in aluminium and carbon frames. We fit the bike professionally to ensure your health and comfort on the road.

One of our main focuses is to provide comprehensive training camps from amateur to professional and semi-professional teams and riders with packages tailored to suit customer requirements. You can book one off rides with touring or training in mind as well as full week packages. We also have day trips to the mountains to get you out of that sweltering mid summer heat and enjoying some breathtaking views while clocking up the miles.

Coffee Ride

This ride is suitable for all who enjoy cycling; our professional guide will set a leisurely pace through the quaint picturesque villages of eastern Cyprus. See the red soil villages, visit Achna Damn wildlife reserve and take in the beautiful coast line of Ayia Napa and Protaras from a cyclist point of view. You will stop in a

different to do one morning.

We have several route designed especially to suite your ability, time and family holiday commitment, choose your route, ride and have fun, then catch up with the family at the beach :)

local village cafe en-route to take a break for refreshment which is included.

You have the opportunity to order yourself a light breakfast or early lunch if you wish. The whole trip will last around 2-3 hours and is perfect for those looking for something

  • Distance: 30km – 60km
  • Type: Road Bike
  • Pace: *Easy
  • Elevation: 110m – 250m
  • Terrain: Mainly flat with a combination of few Long and short hills
  • Road Condition: 100% Tarmac

Troodos Ride

If you like adventure and a bit of a challenge you will not be disappointed with our day trip to Troodos!! We set off early by car to arrive in the mountains mid morning; here you will see breathtaking views amid history and discover a taste of the old Cypriot way of life.

choice of local cuisine. On the ride our fully equipped support car is there with everything you need! Drinks and fruits are available along the way and are included.

This is a full day trip with around 2-3 hours of cycling.

Our expert guide will support and encourage you to master those hills and after all the hard work going up you will get the incredible exhilarating feeling on the decent.

You will experience the wonders of a traditional Cypriot tavern with a delicious

  • Distance: 40km – 50km
  • Type: Road Bike
  • Pace: * Easy - **Intermediate - *** Hard
  • Elevation: 600m- 1500m
  • Terrain: A combination of Long and short rolling hills
  • Road Condition: 100% Tarmac

Historical Ride

For the more experienced endurance rider we have a choice of historical sites to visit specifically chosen for our elite customers. The duration of this ride makes it perfect to combine with our tailored training program giving you excellent value helping you achieve your person targets and goals while enjoying an amazing day out! You will discover sites

If you want to feel like a Pro then you have the option of hiring a support car. This will benefit you with additional safety and everything you need can be carried in the vehicle as well as extra refreshments. We only charge a set fee for the support car so for groups of 4+ is really is a bargain! This is a full day out with several hours riding time.

and views that will exhilarate your ride. Feel the power with professional guidance, support and advice. Be motivated by our unique training methods learned over 20 years of experience. You will be loaded up with fruits water and nutrients to carry on your ride and we stop in a local grill for kebabs or hot sandwiches and refreshments all included.

You will experience the wonders of a traditional Cypriot tavern with a delicious

  • Distance: 140km – 180km
  • Type: Road Bike
  • Pace: * Easy - **Intermediate - ***Hard
  • Elevation: 750m- 1200m
  • Terrain: Mainly flat with a Long climbs and steep hills
  • Road Condition: 100% Tarmac