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Tour Package

Tour Package

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Enjoy the 7 days cycling week in Cyprus! explore the most interesting places on the island with Ramo Pro Cycling. have everything arranged professionally to meet your expectations! treat a family member or a good friend or take the adventure to meet new people. We have carefully designed the routes to introduce you to the amazing surrounding and give you the opportunity to meet the local with a coffee or refreshment treat! All you need is to book your air ticket and we will do the rest! From the Airport to the Airport! The tour is suitable to everyone who just took on cycling and have good fitness level to ride ever day for 7 days! Distance are varied from 20km to 60km approximately on daily bases (see schedule below) with few challenging segments along the way!


Day 1: Welcoming all guests at the airport and heading to the hotel, after the guests’ settlement, a short meeting will be arranged to brief the full schedule of the Cycling Tour Week. Safety briefing, Bikes arrangement for each individual in term of bike fitting, meeting points arrangements, checking the needs of the group and making sure are settled in and ready to ride! This is depending on the arrival time of the group.


Day 2: Starting the tour from Ayia Napa Monastery heading out to Paralimni 3 generation Church, to visit the Deryneia Point view and meet the locals in the Kafaniou for a cup of Cyprus coffee! Heading back to visit St. Ellias Church for steps climbing challengeJ will end up with a taste of the Cypriot cuisine for launch, and fuel everyone before heading back to the hotel. 30km – 40km with 100% Tarmac and elevation of 200m approximately.


Day 3: Starting the tour from Ayia Napa to head out to nature to visit the See Caves with iconic photos from everyone to remember, climbing the Cavo Graco mountain for a refreshment at the top then making the way to the Stone Arch and St. Anargiro Church Cave where we will be treated for a Traditional Picnic style with amazing scenery, 30km of a 50% gravel – 50% Tarmac road with elevation of 150m approximately.


Day 4: Starting from Ayia Napa with a transportation Vehicle to Larnaca city where we will dismount our bikes to being our tour by visiting The Salt Lack and enjoy nature to head to Hala Sultan Musk with refreshment gathering and then move on to visit St. Lasarous Church for a Coffee with the locals and visit the old market, just before we head back we will enjoy the local tavern at the front beach with the view of the Ancient Laranca Castle. 40km – 50km of 100% Tarmac with 0-30m elevation.


Day 5: Starting from the hotel on the bikes heading to Famagusta Old City and experience the ancient architecture, visiting the old market and checkout the local productions, on the way back we will pay a visit to the ghost town to take a peak and perhaps a quick dip in the clean sparkly water and finish it with a taste of the local Mehalabi to restore our energy! 40km – 50km with 100% Tarmac and elevation of 250m approximately.


Day 6: Starting from the hotel for bit challenging day to visit the ruins of Salamis Ancient City, to view one of the oldest civilizations in Cyprus, and perhaps experience one of the most traditional cuisines. 50km – 60km with a 100% tarmac and 150m max elevation.


Day 7: Starting from the hotel to experience the off road coast ride to give us an overall picture of the beauty of the south coast beaches of Cyprus, 25km – 35km with 80% Gravel / 20% Tarmac and max elevation of 150m approximately.


Day 8: Morning Socialize meeting with the entire group, photos, feedback and reflection, bikes return and departure arrangement, Represent each rider with a gift from Ramo Pro Cycling T-shirt & Cup for good memory!

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