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Morning - Trio by Ramo Food Fitness

One of the great ideas for a great breakfast is choosing the ingredients that will help you to keep you Insulin down and avoid from spiking!

من الأفكار الجميلة لوجبة فطور رائعة اختيار المكونات التي ستساعدك على إبقاء الأنسولين منخفضًا وتجنب الارتفاع المفاجئ!

Food Fitness by Ramo Feel the Power

Morning - Trio Approximately 490 - 510 calories

Carbohydrates 8g Fat 35g Protein 31g

3 Boiled Eggs 100g Full Fat Yogurt 30g Mature Cheddar 1 Slice of White Toast 7 Black Olives 1/2 Tomato 1/2 Cucumber

Enjoy your Nutrition

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