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This program focuses on young athlete development for enhancing performance. My coaching philosophy is to emphasize the physical skills necessary in sports to address individual needs and the process required to develop the key mental, Technical, and Tactical skills that underpin athleticism and sport achievements. There are key educational factors and psychosocial concepts related to how and when young athletes learn and develop based on wide range of important Sports Science fields including; exercise physiology, motor learning, pediatric exercise physiology, motor control, and sport psychology, combined they are used to construct a quality long-term athlete development program, the approach is designed to allow all young athletes to have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to engage in healthy and meaningful physical activity that will have life long benefits for both physical and psychological health and well-being.

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The high-performance goals and the use of lifetime physical activity model as a means of enhancing performance may be new to some however, a solid athleticism bases is not only highly beneficial for lifetime fitness but also necessary for elite performance by ensuring that athleticism is fully developed at an age before competition becomes a focus, thus emphasizing a building block approach to skill development. A long-term athleticism approach not only reduces the chances of late blooming talent but also has the potential to produce physically and mentally healthier athletes in turn increasing the opportunity for athletic success and enjoyment.

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Junior Sports Performance

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