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  • Non-Refund Policy for Ramo Pro Cycling Ltd Cyprus - Bicycle Rental Services
    Thank you for choosing Ramo Pro Cycling Ltd Cyprus for your bicycle rental needs. We strive to provide high-quality rental services to our valued customers. This non-refund policy outlines the terms and conditions regarding refunds for our bicycle rental services. Please read this policy carefully before making a reservation.
  • Refundable Deposit
    To ensure a smooth rental experience with Ramo Pro Cycling, we kindly request that you provide a refundable deposit of €100 in cash. By doing so, you authorize us to charge you for any bicycle damages incurred during your rental period, including associated labor costs. In the unfortunate event of theft, you agree to reimburse Ramo Pro Cycling for the original purchase price of the bike and any provided accessories.
  • Reservation and Cancellation
    1.1. When you make a reservation for a bicycle rental, you agree to the rental terms and conditions set forth by Ramo Pro Cycling Ltd Cyprus. 1.2. If you decide to cancel your reservation, you must notify us at least 72-hours prior to the scheduled rental period to receive a credit for a future rental. Failure to provide a 72-hours notice will result in the forfeiture of any payment made. 1.3. No refund or credit will be issued for any cancellation made within 72-hours of the scheduled rental period or for no-shows. 1.4. No refund or credit will be issued for any cancellation reason made during active rental contract or period.
  • Rental Period and Returns
    2.1. The rental period begins at the designated pickup time and ends at the designated return time agreed upon during of the reservation. 2.2. If you return the rented bicycle before the scheduled return time, no refund or credit will be provided for the unused portion of the rental period. 2.3. In the event of early termination of the rental period due to unforeseen circumstances, no refund or credit will be given for the unused portion of the rental period.
  • Damages, Loss, and Theft
    3.1. You are responsible for the rented bicycle and any accessories during the entire rental period. 3.2. In the event of any damage to the rented bicycle or accessories during the rental period, you will be responsible for all repair or replacement costs. 3.3. In the event of loss or theft of the rented bicycle or accessories, you will be responsible for the full replacement cost of the items. 3.4. In the case of any damages, loss, or theft incurred during the rental period, No refund or credit to the remaining days of the rental period.
  • Policy Amendments
    5.1. Ramo Pro Cycling Ltd Cyprus reserves the right to amend or modify this non-refund policy at any time without prior notice. 5.2. Any changes to this policy will be effective immediately upon posting on our website. By making a reservation and renting a bicycle from Ramo Pro Cycling Ltd Cyprus, you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions outlined in this non-refund policy.
  • Can I rent a bike?
  • What Type of bikes do you rent?
    Road bikes (Racing) Mountain bikes (MTB)
  • Can I rent helmet?
  • Can I rent pedals?
  • What type of pedals do you do?
    Look Keo (road) SPD-SL (road) SPD (MTB) Flat Pedals
  • Can I rent Garmin mount?
  • Do you provide with delivery and pickup service?
  • Can you deliver to my location?
  • Can you pick up from my location?
  • Is delivery & pick up serivce optional?
  • Can I collect my bike from Ramo Pro Cycling shop?
  • Can I drop my bike at Ramo Pro Cycling shop?
  • Do you provide guided tours?
  • What sort of tours?
    Sightseeing tours
  • What time the tours usually start?
  • Are the tours on daily bases?
  • What is the schedule of the weekly tours?
    Tuesday Friday Saturday Sunday
  • Do you provide with stops during the tour?
  • Are all tours cost includs bikes?
  • How long the average tour will take?
    4 to 5 hours
  • How to download the Indoor Training Session Fit file to my device?
    Please follow the instrections below: (Please note the zip file will include a snapshots of the instructions) 1. You will receive a Zip file to your email 2. Download the Zip file to your desktop 3. Unzip the file 4. Move the Fit file to your desktop 5. Connect your device to your computer 6. Go to PC open and find your device 7. Select your device 8. Select and open the device file 9. Select open the Workout file 10. On your desktop Drag and drop the session file from your desktop to the workout file on your device 11. Check by name the FiT in the workout file 12. Close all windows and disconnect your device 13. Power-up your device and go to workout on home page 14. Opne workout and look for Training session by name
  • What if the parts I want are out of stock?
    We will do our best to keep out website updated with ONLY parts that are in stock. If we see an order with a part on it that is out of stock, we will quickly notify the customer and a decision will be made then.
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