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Explor South 2 (Road)

Explor South 2 (Road)

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Are you Cycling in Cyprus? Looking for a perfect road to ride on? No Worries! The following route is designed by Ramo Pro Cycling Experts to provide you with the correct information for your ride! you have prepared GPX for you to download and go! the map its a combination of flat, rolling, Short hills with coastal scenery along the first part and the end of the route, while the rest of the time you will be spent exploring the southern villages. taking your time and enjoying the local coffee stop!

Distance: 36km
Elevation: 120m
Duration: approx 1 hour and 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy-moderate
Condition: Full Tarmac
Traffic: Ride on the Left
Note: Challenge yourself with segments on the road :)
  • Cycling Route by Ramo Pro Cycling

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