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Image by Óscar Aguilar Elías


with Professional Guide!


The concept of Ramo Pro Cycling has been a dream of mine for many years. That dream was realized in August 2013 when we opened our doors for business. It began in 1988 when I was 10 years old; a man came to our school assembly and announced that anyone interested in cycling should bring their bike the next day after school. I went home thinking about how can I go as I didn’t have a bike. I decided my older brothers would do, even though he used it for shopping I removed the basket and any other accessories I could to make it look cooler and I turned up the next day to the meeting. From this day my passion for cycling was ignited. I went to every meeting after that and within a few weeks, I came 6th place in my first ever race. My drive and commitment were evident from the beginning and my coach saw that and pushed me to work hard. At the age of 13, I gained a place on the National team. During my time on the team, I gained valuable knowledge about technique, training formats, group cycling, and mechanics. Here is a photo of me in a national competition aged 15

Old days.png

Coaching & Development

Cycling is a very common and popular activity that offer a wind range of health benefits from emotional to physical contribution to our society and lifestyle, with the varieties to offer to both Leisure and competitive riders at all ages. Many types of bikes, events and disciplines allow everyone to participate in the activity of choice. However, each activity has the specific technical skills and fitness demands required, the knowledge that will grant you the ability to select the event you desire to achieve! Taking into consideration equipment’s technology enhancement its capable to provide you with your needs to accomplish your goals to a certain extent! Keep in mind the time you need to acquire to develop the knowledge and experience, as things will not happen over-night!


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