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1. About


Cycling is a very common and popular activity that offer a wind range of health benefits from emotional to physical contribution to our society and lifestyle, with the varieties to offer to both Leisure and competitive riders at all ages.

Many types of bikes, events and disciplines allow everyone to participate in the activity of choice. However, each activity has the specific technical skills and fitness demands required, the knowledge that will grant you the ability to select the event you desire to achieve! Taking into consideration equipment’s technology enhancement its capable to provide you with your needs to accomplish your goals to a certain extent! Keep in mind the time you need to acquire to develop the knowledge and experience, as things will not happen over-night!

Coach is a great resource to aid your journey in Cycling! Help in planning the right program to achieve the designed goal. will develop and improve an individual or group with advancing performance in cycling sport, in-depth reviewing workouts to deliver the necessary skills to meet the event demands. A coach will help to manage time and keep training safe and fun! Encouragement is the most effective tool to keep motivation at a high level, it is all about what goes on behind the scenes thinking and planning to deliver effective communication with every individual athlete is the secret recipe!

3. Philosophy

When we think about cycling a whole bunch of fun ideas comes to your head, people cycle for a good time and socializing with friends, for fitness and healthier lifestyle, and others like to take it an extra notch and become competitive and seek performance development. The effects cycling has on people attitude and behaviour is one of the main reasons for involvement in cycling, boosting your emotional and physical state by increasing your positive energy on daily bases. I believe we all looking to receive the same feeling despite the face if that was through Leisure or Competitive cycling, beginners or advanced level! The goal of everyone is to have fun, socialize and enjoy cycling more, Learn and develop a skill or a new technique, improve fitness and quality of life or winning a competition and advance your ranking, it’s your purpose what makes you Pro at what you do! Can you remember how you felt the day you had your first bike? Can you remember the look on your face? I never forgot mine!

I certainty consider cycling Education & principles should be coached and taught to every child and every adult didn’t have the chance to learn at childhood, to everyone that just started cycling for commuting or health reasons, and more importantly to those who choose to take cycling as daily hoppy or as a profession to advance! My passion for cycling is to pass the knowledge needed to advance performance or help someone life! empower cyclists and support them to discover the right solution that will help them to develop in their way and environments! I believe motivation and psychological encouragements will build up confidence allow them to discover new ways to progress and achieve goals! Are very important elements to contribute and boost rider self-steam, adding the challenge aspect is the cycling sport nature, it can be from bike handling to an Extra Mile at the end of every month, or a higher climbing point that will keep cycling enjoyment at its best!
So…. Coaching is all about you! It's not about me or her/him, not about the parents, Family, sponsor or community, it’s all about You…… about your goals and what you want to achieve out of it!

2. Profile

Passionate with 25 years of experience in the Cycling field, highly determined to succeed in every endeavour. Coaching knowledge in all areas with Road/Track/MTB and young athletes’ development. Outstanding inspiring team leader with a passion for developing cycling skills, knowledge and awareness; through organising community events such as races, Educational seminars and workshops.


4. Sport Structure 


Road Race: considering the mega large groups that take part in the road cycling, the open roads are the main ground for road racers to unleash their power to cross the finish line looking for victory! However, winning a road race it requires several amounts of quality skills that need to be mastered, after spending a fair number of hours on the saddle with maintaining the power and the strength to sprint finish or final climb attack! 


Time Trial (TT): is one of the road race main events that will take place on the road against the clock, riding a distance that starts from 10km up to 100km depending on the event type and category. One of the highlighted skills in time trailing other than going fast and having the latest technologies is mental toughness to maintain your focus and strength of mind to push speed at a high level from start to the end! However, mastering the self-control on when and how to apply your power to the pedals is a key for victory!


Mountain Bike (MTB): off-roading it’s a popular cycling sport with a variety of different kind of events, from Cross Country to Downhill and more. MTB Racing events requires excellent endurance fitness level as well as high technical bike controlling skills, as this type of event involve Mud, Rocks, Tight turns and banks, that range from approximately 2h short circuit to a 24h Marathon event. To overcome the technical single-track obstacles and stay at the top of your category, bike handling skills are essential for a successful day! 


Track Racing: is time for no brakes and single-speed bikes with no Freewheel Mechanism! High-speed ring made of wooden or tarmac surface of international 250m length with up to 45 degrees banks, the specification can vary depending on if is an indoor or outdoor location. Track events can range from 500m explosive Sprint against the clock to a longer event with more excitement watching two teams are chasing each other, distances are subject to gender. Tracks are the perfect location for working on your technical drills and improving your skills during the winter, and it’s a great opportunity to keep dry throughout the wet season!


Leisure Cycling: you can see bikes everywhere in our daily life! people can find their leisure and purposes through cycling, For those who like the adventure of routing and mapping a new ride route to share or discover and explore a new destination, build your fitness and get stronger and stay healthier, and others leisure by Commuting on daily bases to work and for their needs. School Clubs to allow our young generation to learn and experience cycling correctly, could have the opportunity to discover the future of new talents. Last but not lest! We have witnessed major development in the Cyclo Sportive category that requires a general knowledge of cycling, sitting your own goals to achieve a 100km race or more, endurance is a perfect place to start. 


Triathlon (TRI): it’s a multisport event that involves three different endurance disciplines, Swimming / Cycling / Running. The challenge is to go through the race continuously without stop. Event distance can vary from event to another starting from Sprint Event with 750m swim / 20km Cycle / 5km Run and ends with Full Iron-man event with 3.9km swim / 180km Cycle / 42km Run. Mastering and developing the skills for all disciplines is critical! Cycling is a very important part of the event, an excellent judged ride can lead you to a successful run to your victory!

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